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BUICK REGAL TOURX A/C CONDENSER W/RD OEM#84297681 2018-2020 PL#GM3030313

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OEM Part Number 84297681
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Whenever your condenser needs to be substituted, you need to invest in a high quality, long lasting solution. We at Painted Automotive Parts deliver just that. The element you are currently considering is made to match BUICK REGAL TOURX models, developed within the following years: 2018, 2019.

Nowadays vehicle power is not what people look at the most, whenever they select their cars. Looks, for example, have an important role when purchasing a car. But are you aware of what else has such a role? Comfort!

A huge part of such comfort is related to the interior temperatures. But the lack of effectively operating air conditioning could also be fairly dangerous. If the automobile becomes too hot, you can come to be dizzy and not able to concentrate. In contrast, if an automobile is too cold, your reflexes get slower and you could get drowsy.

And the condensers are a considerable element of the air conditioning. If your condenser is defective, your best option is to exchange it with a top quality alternative as quickly as possible.

More Information
OEM Part Number 84297681
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